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Are You Flying by the Seat of Your Pants or Coasting with a Social Media Plan?

Download Our Weekly Social Media Content Planner to See How a Simple Social Media Planning Tool Could Rock Your Marketing World!

You can spend time reading and hearing about best practices on social media, but until you have the important framework of a plan, you’re just going through the motions.

A social media plan is crucial.

There is a cornucopia of tools out there for you to use to manage your social media. One of the easiest ways to start is to use one of our favorite friends—the calendar. If you’re in the marketing world, you live and die by your calendar. Use one to plan social media, too.

We’ve put together a detailed weekly social media planner that helps you map out your weekly content on six different platforms and—most importantly—takes the stress out of what could be one of the most important (and fun) aspects of your job. 

Our Weekly Social Media Content Planner is designed as a fillable template that helps you plan and execute your social media strategy. This tool also helps remind you of every important detail you should include in your content, all at a glance:

  • Relevant topics
  • Corresponding links
  • Hashtags
  • Images, and videos
  • Post times

Download it and give it a try.  Regardless of the method to your madness, having the right tools in place will make you feel less like you’re running in 17 different directions, and more like you’re on a clear path to success.


download now.